Why We Love Video (And You Should too)

Let’s do a little test: Have you used your mobile phone today? Have you used Facebook on your phone today? Have you watched a video in your Facebook newsfeed on your phone today? If you answered yes to all 3 questions, you were one of the ½ billion people who watched a Facebook video on their mobile today. And that’s only on Facebook. Add YouTube to this with 1 billion videos being watched on mobile every day, it’s not hard to understand why we love video and why you should love it too. For the simple reason – there is an audience.

So it’s here – there and everywhere. And its now. The music industry couldn’t live without it anymore. The most watch video on YouTube today is Despacito from Luis Fonsi with 3.6 billion views. Finally topping Gangnam style with 2.6 billion views. But that it’s not just for music or entertainment is being proved by Blendtec. A company that sells blenders. Their video campaign “Will it blend” went viral making them a global recognised brand and growing their revenue with more than 500%. And soon, the recruitment industry can’t live without it. And here’s why….

Video engages – Video leads to engagement, which is a natural part of human behaviour. For example,

The brain makes you focus on the face. It’s a natural reaction to use a face as a reference to gather information and judge whether the information is true. The brain also makes you follow movement and pay attention to sound. Three elements, face, movement and sound, that are the basic ingredients of any movie. This may be a reason why video marketing is so effective.

Everyone watches it – There are no demographic boundaries in who watches video. It includes everyone, from teenagers to retired people. And there is no barrier for anybody to watch it. No software to install, no passwords. Regardless where you are, you can watch the same video on your TV, your desktop, your laptop or your mobile. The only thing you have to do is press play and watch. Through advertising you can target specific audiences with your video and many marketers use this to connect with their customers. But whoever and wherever your audience is, video can help you reach them.

Offers good ROI –Businesses want to know what the ROI is on the money they spend on their videos. It depends on the goals you have: Informational, educational, sales referrals, references etc. The key of getting good ROI is to define these goals before you produce your video. Only then can you assign a budget to the video production. By setting very clear calls to action in your videos, you can easily measure the ROI of the video. The most important ROI is “lead to sales” conversion.

Has the potential to go viral – Video is easily shared on social networks. It can be embedded on your website or shared online. The more relevant your video to your audience, the more people will watch and share it. Remember the 4 shareability factors of video. People will share a video when its educational, informational, confrontational or cute. That’s why cats share very well. And if you’re lucky, your video may go viral leading to 1000s of people watching and sharing your video. Of course, you can stimulate this but that’s a topic for another blog post.

Still not convinced about using video for your business? Or using it for your recruitment? Here are some more facts: 87% of online marketers use video content. 51% of business professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. Recruiters using video have seen up to 800% more candidate engagement than a generic text or image based advert.

So why wait? As a hiring manager/talent acquisition consultant/recruiter, start using video to showcase your company or why not turn your your advert into a video ad? And as a candidate, why not turn your CV info a video CV and share it across your social networks.

Or when you get an invite for a video interview from from Fidio, their video based candidate presentation tool make sure you understand how to present yourself on video in the best possible way. Our previous blog post with top tips for video interviewing may help you with this. See you on YouTube soon.

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