• Video Interviews Don’t Discriminate, People Do!

    Video Interviewing and Screening – Discrimination I get asked in almost every meeting I attend whether video interviewing and screening encourages discrimination in the hiring process. It’s a fair question. It’s something that every business and hiring manager wants to avoid.   Under the Equality Act 2010 there are 9 protected characteristics on which people […]

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  • Why We Love Video (And You Should too)

    Let’s do a little test: Have you used your mobile phone today? Have you used Facebook on your phone today? Have you watched a video in your Facebook newsfeed on your phone today? If you answered yes to all 3 questions, you were one of the ½ billion people who watched a Facebook video on […]

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  • How Face Recognition Technology revolutionises the face of Recruitment

    Imagine a recruiter can watch a video of your face and analyse your facial expressions. It would give an accurate reading of your personality, identifying traits like passion, sincerity, nervousness and disagreement. Now imagine you can automate this process through innovative use of camera and software technology. How would this change the face of recruitment? […]

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