About Fidio

Fidio was 100% designed and built in the UK. It was born out of the frustration from the lack of innovation and technological advances in the recruitment industry. We felt there was a need for a recruitment tool to bridge the gap between a candidate's CV and a face to face interview.

It had to be easy to use, secure, reliable and ultimately provide value to both clients and candidates.

Fidio is a pre-recorded candidate presentation tool designed to improve the success ratio of interviews.

Candidates are invited to video record answers to questions. Employers are able to watch the videos to make more comprehensive hiring decisions based on their assessment of the candidates video.


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Mobile friendly

Can be used on most smart phones, tablets and laptops connected to the Internet

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Re-record videos

Fluffed up your first answer, no worries you always can re-record it again

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Our site use HTTPS so your communication is encrypted and secure

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No native apps

You don't have to use up your storage or waste time downloading apps to use Fidio


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Rate candidates

Rate the candidates quickly with the click of a button

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Request interviews

You don't even need to speak to your recruiter to request an interview, just click to request

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Leave comments

Leave feedback about the candidate for the recruiter or your colleagues to review

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Multi device videos

Review the candidate videos when and where it suits you



Video Interviews Don’t Discriminate, People Do!

  • Andrew Mace
  • 10th November, 2017
  • 0

Video Interviewing and Screening – Discrimination I get asked in almost every meeting I attend whether video interviewing and screening encourages discrimination in the hiring process. It’s a fair question. It’s something that every business and hiring manager wants to avoid.   Under the Equality Act 2010 there are 9 protected characteristics on which people […]

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